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How to Select Which Ads Appear Where

As we all know, ads take a big portion of our web page display. We always have to make a compromise between content and ads. There is a solution that may help making these compromises easier, and that would be being selective in the displaying of ads. Basically we have two types of users, regular [...]

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A Must Have Gadget in Your Office

Tell me if you know this situation: You have been working your butt all day long in the office, and you give yourself a much deserved rest while reading some RSS feeds in your Google Reader, or chatting with your friends on Google Talk or Microsoft Messenger. Suddenly your boss comes and you know the [...]

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Google Goes Corporate

Internal corporate WebSites numbers are massively growing in the past few years. These WebSites are used by the company workers to share information, files, images, diaries and many more.
This week Google announced Google Sites, which is Google’s way of competing with Microsoft SharePoint. Google’s new service is based on a technology by JotSpot which was [...]

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