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A Must Have Gadget in Your Office

Tell me if you know this situation: You have been working your butt all day long in the office, and you give yourself a much deserved rest while reading some RSS feeds in your Google Reader, or chatting with your friends on Google Talk or Microsoft Messenger. Suddenly your boss comes and you know the [...]

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Why this Yamaha Player is Better than IPod

Try and imagine the following situation:
You are running while listening to some upbeat music from your IPod when suddenly Mr. IPod decides to hit you with a depressing slow ballade by ColdPlay, which makes you want to run straight into the traffic…
If only there was a music player that matched the type of music it [...]

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The Socket Sense™ Advantage

Guys,This gadget is going to change your life! I know it changed mine…
Every one has used a surge strip in their life, and every one had to connect a small cell phone charger that sadly takes up two spaces in the strip (i know, i know usually we connect it to the last socket facing [...]

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