TFTP seems to be unknown technology for many in the world today while similar terms like FTP & SMTP are very well known.

This article will remove many of the mysteries behind what is TFTP and how to TFTP.

TFTP operates in a similar fashion to that of FTP which allows people to upload and download content across the Web. One of the biggest differences between the two technologies is that TFTP is designed to be an internet network configuration tool for companies with networks to use.

FTP can be used in the following situations plus many more.

  • Downloading WAV music files
  • Uploading a new blog article to the blogosphere
  • Uploading Website updates to a project.

Given that TFTP is a company internal resource it lacks a great deal of security that accompanies other related technologies.

So how do you use TFTP.

FTP takes a file from one spot (the Web) and puts it in another location (your computer) which is the basics of what TFTP does too.

Let’s look at how the process works with TFTP.

1. The initiating host (Device A) sends a request packet to the receiving host (Device B) that contains both a filename and transfer mode.

2. Device B sends a message that it is ready to receive Device A’s information.

For The Record: Device A will retransmit the request for transmission of data to Device B if it does not receive a response from Device B.

3. Device A then begins to transmit the information in full blocks (usually 512 bytes) until once Device B has sent an acknowledgement packet to Device A.

4. Device B acknowledges each packet of information from Device A thereby indicating that it is ready for the next block of data to be transmitted.

For The Record: Device A continues the transmissions until all packets are sent to Device B while the last packet is not full which signals that it is the last packet. If the information happens to come out as an exact full packet from Device A, then Device A will send one last packet with 0 bytes to signal to Device B that the transmission is complete.

That is the basic of what is TFTP and hot to TFTP using a network configuration tool.

The question remaining is where can a company find a well designed network configuration tool that can take your knowledge of what is TFTP to the next level of what is TFTP within your own business? My own recommendation would be to checkout where they offer network professionals the ability of discovering what is TFTP for themselves with a free network configuration tool that will put you in the drivers seat of knowledge for exactly how to TFTP.

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