This is a nice trick I bet not every one knows. I don’t know about you but I just hate the DSCN(XXX).jpg file name the digital camera gives pictures. This is especially annoying when you have the pictures from your latest trip to London mixed with your grandpa’s birthday party. After you download all of them to the hard drive, your directory looks like this:Rename Files

I would prefer if the pictures were named London(1).jpg, London(2).jpg… and     Grandpa(1).jpg, Grandpa(2).jpg and so on. Well, this trick will take care of this.

  1. Select the files that belong to the London trip.

  2. Right click the file you want to be the “base” file, and select rename. Change it’s name to “London.jpg” and magically all the other selected files will change their name to “London(X).jpg” ( if there are many files it might take a few seconds so hold tight).

  3. Do the same for the pictures from grandpa’s birthday party.

Your directory will look like this:

Rename Multiple Files

How easy is that!!! Indeed a handy trick.



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