As we all know, ads take a big portion of our web page display. We always have to make a compromise between content and ads. There is a solution that may help making these compromises easier, and that would be being selective in the displaying of ads. Basically we have two types of users, regular and search engine users. We all know that regular users of your site do not usually click adds, so why display them and lower your Click Rate? If only we had a tool that could do that for us, well, we do!

I found three solution for doing that:

  1. Who sees Ads, which is a plugin that allows you to determine what type of user will see ads, you can check out the demo here. You can set a time limit on posts to make the plugin show ads after that time has past, and your regular readers have already read it.
  2. Shylock Adsense Plugin, which also allows control of who sees what. There is a nice option to change the advertisement based on the date of the post, so old posts which are mainly read be search engine users will have bigger ads, and new posts, which are mainly read by subscribers, have small ads or non at all.
  3. No Adverts for Friends, which does the same except no fancy graphic user interface. You will have to go into the code and add the functions yourself.



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