Try and imagine the following situation:

You are running while listening to some upbeat music from your IPod when suddenly Mr. IPod decides to hit you with a depressing slow ballade by ColdPlay, which makes you want to run straight into the traffic…

If only there was a music player that matched the type of music it plays to the intensity level of your workout… Well, there is! And its called Yamaha BodiBeat.BodiBeat

BodiBeat will play songs with tempos that match the speed of your steps while you run! And it will also track your heart rate, distance, time and pace.
BodiBeat has 4 modes:

  • Free Workout Mode: this mode will make BodiBeat match the BPS of the music to the speed of your steps while you run.
  • Fitness Mode: BodiBeat will provide music that is appropriate for aerobic exercise.
  • Training Mode: This mode is for creating, following and tracking more detailed and structural exercise sessions.
  • Music Mode: Well, it is still a music player after all :).

The very beautiful BodiBeat web site is here.

I liked it.


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